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Awards & Recognition
[NOTE: These awards may not be given to the same person within a 4 year span.
FLA-OC reserves the right to withhold making any award or grant if
(1) no qualified nominations/applications have been received, or
(2) funding is not available.]

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The Foreign Language Association of Orange County takes great pride in honoring outstanding individuals who promote foreign language study. We give both formal awards and recognition to our members and their extended foreign language communities. Nominations take place in December/January. Please see the award and recognition opportunities and criteria described below, and join us in celebrating the best of the best at our Annual Spring Share Fair!

  • Outstanding Novice Teacher
  • Outstanding Veteran Teacher
  • Outstanding Administrator
  • Outstanding Community Member
  • Outstanding Foreign Language Student
  • Foreign Language Teacher Retiree
  • Foreign Exchange Student


    CRITERIA for Outstanding Foreign Language Teachers:
    Award Opportunities | Note | Nomination ]

    1. Outstanding foreign language teaching in the classroom, including but not limited to aspects such as:

    2. Sponsors extra activities that enhance and encourage language study, including but not limited to the following: 3. Participates in professional activities and professional development.

    NOTE relevant to Outstanding Foreign Language Teachers:
    Award Opportunities | Criteria | Nomination ]

    Nomination Process
    Award Opportunities | Criteria | Note | Letter of Support | Deadline ]

    It's SIMPLE! It's FUN! It's NECESSARY!

    SIMPLE, because it takes very little effort on your part...
    FUN, because of the great awards night planned for you and your award winning colleague... and
    NECESSARY, because your hard-working colleague truly deserves to be honored,
    and it may not happen without conscientious people like you!

    You're off to a great start by searching for information here, and your minimal efforts will surely be remembered and cherished for years to come! Nominating an individual for Outstanding Teacher, Administrator, or Community Member of the Year requires a little bit of investigative work (see the Criteria), coupled with a Letter of Support which should be mailed to the committee chairperson on or before the deadline. That's it!

    In the Letter of Support, please include
    your name and contact information,
    along with the name of the Award
    and the following data about your Nominee:
  • First and Last Name
  • # of years as FLA-OC Member
  • Subjects Taught/Title
  • # of years experience
  • District Name
  • School Name
  • School Address
  • Name of Principal
  • Send letter to
    Awards Committee Chairperson
    by January 2006

    Our Award-Winning
    Foreign Language Educators

    This is a project-in-progress... not all award recipients are included as of yet, so please check back soon for more information.

    [ Award Criteria & Nomination Process | 2001 | 2002 | 2003 | 2004 | 2005 | 2006 ]

    Veteran Teacher of the Year:
    Novice Teacher of the Year:

    Veteran Teacher of the Year:
    Novice Teacher of the Year:

    Veteran Teacher of the Year:
    Novice Teacher of the Year:

    Veteran Teacher of the Year:
    Novice Teacher of the Year:

    Veteran Teacher of the Year:
    Novice Teacher of the Year:

    Veteran Teacher of the Year: Robert Harrell, Pacifica High School (Garden Grove)
    Novice Teacher of the Year: Elsa Arellano, Orange High School (Orange)

    Elsa Arellano is FLA-OC’s outstanding Novice Teacher of the Year (pictured below with FLA-OC President Nadine Elwood, at the 2006 Share Fair)! Take a look. Here’s what her Orange High School colleague, Tracy Peters writes: