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      Our quarterly newsletter is published in hard copy and sent via snail-mail to over 200 members. Pay your membership dues now and get a copy of this informative publication, if you don't already!
      All Board and Current Members contribute to the successful production of the newsletter. The Board contributes articles related to Foreign Languages and to their specific roles. Each newsletter usually contains a Letter from the President as well as affiliate news and general information related to FL Education in government, business, and other sectors of society. Often you’ll see the general minutes from our two yearly meetings included in the newsletters, along with a brief statement on the current state of our treasury. Other professional organizations’ are also represented in our
newsletters, such as CLTA and UCI Project COACH updates, flyers and events. Community cultural events of interest to FL Educators are published from time to time as well.
      One of the biggest draws to the organization for our Members is the unique Foreign Language Immersion Camp experience in German, French and Spanish. Camp meetings are publicized in the newsletters and on our website, as are stories and pictures from the yearly trips to Big Bear and local high schools for one-day and traditional weekend camps. FLA-OC events such as the Fall Workshop and the Spring Share Fair are also advertised in the newsletters and on the website. We often include university information of interest to our Members, such as conferences, workshops, movie and music festivals, art exhibits and dance shows offered at local sites (CSUF, CSULB, UCI, UCLA, etc.), and information on current Student Teachers who are up-and-coming professional FL Educators.

      We also ask for information and articles from our Members on a variety of topics including sponge or warm-up activities, classroom management and discipline tips, AP and year-end project tips, and summer travel stories. These are offered at general meetings or via email, as inspiration hits!
      All of this, as well as motivational pieces that encourage our Members to do and be their best in promoting foreign language study in OC and beyond, are our gift to you as active FLA-OC Members. We hope you enjoy!
      The Zest! publications are usually put together in the months of August, November, February, and May. They take a few weeks to be formatted, published and printed, and then they go out to our active Members via U.S. mail shortly afterwards. Please send submissions to Flo Martin at If you have a change of address or any questions about The Zest! please send email to